Pump Out Septic Service

Maintenance, Repairs and Installations

As many residents in Medowie and Port Stephens have built their homes on large semi-rural blocks and unsewered developments, a pump out septic system has been installed on the property to dispose of wastewater. Septic systems must meet local council requirements and be maintained regularly to operate safely and efficiently. Septic pump out systems can be costly to operate, depending on the size of the household and the number of people using the system.

Reducing water usage will lessen the frequency of pump outs. We can install water saving devices such as shower heads, red water diverters and dual flush toilets, to help minimise nasty problems and repair and replace pumps if necessary.

Please contact us if you have:

  • Strong and rotten odours
  • Toilets and basins are slow to clear
  • Drains with an unpleasant smell
  • Grass around septic tank area that is thriving
  • Liquid waste overflows on your property
  • Wet patches near or on top of septic tank