Gas Fitting & Maintenance

Gas Appliances, Installation & Servicing

Our qualified gas fitters can detect, test and repair leaks promptly to ensure your safety. We can also help install new gas appliances, providing you with a compliance certificate upon completion. If you require a new gas line or would prefer to extend your existing one, we can commission the line to a new location. We service and repair gas heaters and also perform conversions from natural gas to LPG or vice versa.

Please contact us if you:

  • Need appliances such as oven, cook top or heater serviced
  • Have purchased a new gas appliance needing installation
  • Require a new gas bayonet point for heater, BBQ, etc.
  • Want to upgrade your hot water heater to meet the needs of a growing family
  • Want to switch to a more cost efficient heating solution
  • Have any concerns about your gas connection or appliances